Drawing Still Life

Still Life Painting has a long history… from the detailed complexity of the Dutch painters in the 16th Century to artists like Chardin in the !8th and Cezanne in the 19th/20th Century.

Cezanne : Part of Still Life

Cezanne (1839-1906) : Part of Still Life

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin 1699 –  1799)

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin 1699 – 1779)

Every still life painting has a drawing behind it or a “drawing attitude” in its construction. Close observation is paramount. This is the mindset of the still life artist.

First of all, if you are learning to draw on the iPad there is some experimentation you need to do with your App (ASKetch) before starting real observation of a still life group. Start by drawing freely and feel the smooth curving edges of an object (don’t just scribble) under your finger on the glass.  Try dark tones, then lighter tones, then using the blue circle get the webby effect (shading) working. If you don’t like your first effort, trash it and start again…..and again. Make the app and the finger on glass work for you. For the illusion of drawing on glass click here. For a more detailed guide see “INSTRUCTIONS” in the menu. There is an easy instruction video HERE.

Dark Still Life

Finger on Glass: Dark Still Life

Light Still Life

Finger on Glass :Light Still Life

Freeform of curved lines

Finger on Glass: Tonal freeform of Curved Lines

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