Observing Still Life closely…. to draw what you see…

pepper drawing

Pear and Cut Pepper

Set up a simple still life….you only have a small iPad screen.

As a learner you are going to draw that particular group of objects in front of you as they are. In my case it was that pear in front of that pepper on that table with that shadow. No other pear is exactly like that one, no other pepper is the same as the one in front of me. And the two together have never occurred in that position before. It is a unique relationship! Remember your eyes are an outgrowth of your brain and if you look hard, your brain  can process every change of angle of the edges in front of you.  The edges and your lines  can describe the forms in front of you.

Experienced artists have learned to “see” and gradually become selective and expressive…..learners need to learn to see first.

 Still Life:Pepper and Pear

Still Life:Pepper and Pear

Practice with ASKetch. Save some of your efforts in the ASKetch gallery and start again and again. Trash those you don’t like. Each new start will be an improvement. You learn to look closer, to see more, and to adapt the App to your observations. You learn the mindset of an artist. The experienced artist has learned to ” see” and can then work more freely and selectively…..but it all starts with careful direct observation… Take a photo of your still life and print it. You could take some close-ups as well. My camera position and my drawing position are slightly different but it doesn’t matter. Complete your drawing another time with reference to the photograph. Print it and display it somewhere!

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