Drawing and Learning

Vaccuum: 2013

Vacuum: 2013

When I first started drawing on the iPad using ASKetch I simply drew all the shapes around that interested me…… some very simple, some carefully observed like the vacuum(right). The dome and fluting on the vacuum was difficult.

After Chardin:2012

After Chardin:2012

I drew pot and bowls from Chardin’s  beautiful 18th century painting (see left)  To see the original CLICK HERE.

Other drawings I attempted were a bit too complicated and I gave up (see the ram skull below). Although I shall certainly have another go at the skull one day and try to see it differently. I really like the curve of the horns.

My lines could be much more fluid using  my finger on glass. Have you read the iPad and Art  in the website menu above? It is about the about the illusion of the “finger on glass”. The trick is to do lots of drawing and things really start to happen!

Ram Skull: unfinished 2013

Ram Skull: unfinished 2013

Ram Skull 2013

Ram Skull 2013.

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