DRAWING WITH YOUR BRUSH…. with colour and tone…….this is painting!

Somehow we seem to separate drawing from painting……

Drawing exhibitions are expected to exhibit pictures showing lines or edges…pen or pencil, engraving, a lithograph perhaps…. it is supposed to be different from “painting”.  Drawing is defined in the dictionary as

“a picture or diagram made with a pencil, pen, or crayon rather than paint: a series of charcoal drawings on white paper.

This has become a cultural convention in Western Art. If you go to an exhibition of drawings you know what to expect.

The Brush as a Drawing Implement

For the artist, however, there may not be this distinction. (In my view there should not be this distinction!) The artist’s brush or palette knife (sponge or fingers!) can be just another implement to draw with.…..it is simply a fluid or textured type of pencil or pen (depending on the medium). It will cover broader areas than a pen but still can draw edges (a finer brush), areas (a broader brush) or form (using light and shade or direction) and so explain volume and space. By its nature it also describes areas of colour, but in the process it actually draws and builds shapes in the same way as a pen or pencil can do.

Think about it as you use your brush on the iPad. But whatever your implement always keep thinking you are drawing!

PAINTING and the use of COLOUR

Child's Painting

Child’s Painting

The association of painting with the application of colour can lead to the use of colour as in a child’s colouring-in book!  Blue sky, green grass, red roofs, yellow sun. Fine for the young enthusiast.

However brushes and paint used with insight should have the same qualities as a beautiful drawing……….structure, lines, edges, flowing forms, tones, shade, texture  etc. The image can be figurative or non-figurative…

Drawing is the basis of all visual art. It is a mindset…..

Drawing and constructing with the brush, pen, pencil, palette knife, roller, etc. is the basis of all visual art. It all demands the judgement and skill of the artist…..it is a vital skill…an individual  way of seeing……..a mind-set!

The beauty of using colour on the iPad is that you don’t need to know how to mix colours,paint pallette that blue and yellow make green…. With your paint palette (and layers) you can simply pick most colours and also mix them. And with “undo” you can change your mind and either achieve the colour you see in front of you or develop your own colour preferences! QED!


Arthur Boyd !983

Arthur Boyd !983

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