A Warning: boot up your iPad before painting

Adding colour in Artrage

Adding colour in Artrage

Painting Apps can use a lot of memory.

They have to mix paint for example.

1. GETTING YOUR iPAD READY for a complex Painting App with layers

  • Before starting using a painting App, close down all the Apps that you have left open as follows…..
  • Double press the HOME BUTTON. You will see all your open Apps. Flick theicons icons upwards with your finger and they will close down.



2. Then REBOOT your iPad

  • To reboot your iPad hold down the OFF button and the HOME button together. The screen will go black.
  • KEEP HOLDING until the white Apple symbol appears in the centre of your screen.
  • Let go. Your iPad is ready for your painting App and you have freed up as much memory as possible!

3. Using Artrage

  • Keep saving your work. If you are running out of memory a human head image (memory) will appear at the bottom of your screen with a warning…..take note of it and follow instructions!

4. Other Painting Apps

  • Read the instructions (or search community forums) if you have memory problems! Procreate doesn’t deal with memory issues in their manual.  I haven’t had memory problems in Procreate……
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