Outdoor Drawing

I have been on holiday in Tasmania. The weather was good but the seats on the quay were wet from overnight rain. I looked at the reflection of the boats in the water and wondered how ASKetch would translate what I saw…. I was only partially successful. Drawing outdoors with an iPad is difficult due to light reflection. Not only the glass surface reflections but fingerprint marks on the glass can get in the way.


Power Boat 2014

I love the shapes of boats. The prow is perfect for the finger on glass, in fact the finger is the best tool for all curved shapes I find. I used my stylus for some of the finer straight lines. You can see (below right) I enjoyed the curve of the yacht tied up at the quay in Hobart in front of the warehouse. Almost an abstract! As I drew I was reminded of Feininger’s paintings of yachts in his more abstract period (below).


Moored yacht 2014




I took some photographs of the boats but they are cluttered compared to the essentially selective nature of visual perception when drawing or painting.

However I used the photographs to take the drawings a little further but keep their simplicity. I had a lovely holiday!

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.13.02 pm



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