This blog explores traditional art on the iPad. It shows many of my own working drawings and paintings using various Apps singly or together. I have recently been teaching iPad traditional art at the local community centre and understand the difficulties and successes of my students. So far most students have been in the over 40 category so they have lots of patience! I have subsequently written about things that interest me, that are topical, and that have bearing on art.

I am an octogenarian but that means little in itself. I am a retired art teacher from long ago who changed careers in mid-life to become a clinical psychologist. I am a grandmother, permaculture enthusiast, and enjoy technology, cooking, painting, drawing, and reading. I use my Mac computer to make movies, slide-shows, and a family newsletter to keep us all in touch.

My genealogy is available on my other blog on “Successful Aging ”  HERE.


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