Art Apps

Most Apps have similar properties. Some are less complex than others, but with practice and/or instruction you can soon find your way around each one and able to choose tools etc. that suit your style of art. When I started doing Ipad art I had previously only been used to real oil paint and canvas.  As I was drawing or painting on the iPad the effects were so real at times that I was wiping my fingers to get the paint off or preventing the charcoal from smudging by keeping my fist off the screen!!

All this charcoal and paint comes to you with no mess and no clearing away! However like “real” art it does require PRACTICE!!!


“ASKETCH is a simple black & white procedural sketching program. It is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the multi-touch interface of the iPad and the iPhone to allow you to forget about the tools and concentrate on your art.”

If you are learning to draw traditionally this App is probably the most useful to start with. Somehow it increases the sensitivity of lines as you draw with your finger. Detail can be added using the double tap on your iPad screen to zoom in. It does not have layers.

ASKETCH can produce varied tones of line, add shading, and light as it builds the image. it has few tools but its secret is the blue/green circle that can be finely tuned. This needs practice to understand the subtle changes. The App is very inexpensive and can be downloaded from the App Store.



Artrage  “gives you real world painting tools on your computer in a stylish, easy to use environment that lets you get down to the process of creating without digital distractions”

This App offers the full colour oil or water-colour paint experience. You can also draw with pencil and chalk that reacts to the texture of your canvas. Artrage has a wide range of tools- brushes, markers, a roller, pencils, chalks etc., each one modifiable It also has all the colour you require.

Artrage has layers which is important. For example you can draw in ASKETCH and bring your drawing into Artrage and then build your image with colour and tone. It has a community forum.



Procreate is turning artists around the world to work in the digital arena, swapping their physical canvas for a
digital one. Artists love the expressive power that Procreate provides, extending their existing skills and
knowledge into the limitless creativity of a digital toolbox. “

Procreate says it is a unique mix of tradition and technology. It has sets of pencils,inks and paintbrushes like other painting Apps, but Procreate also has “a new breed of tool – the
completely customisable brush.”  That means you can now make a brush from whatever you imagine: but it also makes it rather complex. I have found some textured brushes recently which add greatly to painting. You get a free handbook (very necessary). Procreate won an Apple Design award in 2013. To visit their website click here



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