Still life ASKetch Instructions

To Start Drawing using ASKetch first print off the App instructions (CLICK HERE) so that you can refer to them while you are learning the software. Never keep leaving your drawing to continually refer to screen instructions… disrupts your attention and learning!

  1. The Still Life group: select a couple of simple rounded objects to draw. (The nature of the screen and the finger makes for flowing curved lines.) Place the objects slightly overlapping on the kitchen table e.g. a couple of apples with an oil or wine bottle behind.
  2. TOOLS MENU: Use your finger to operate the ASKetch tools menu.   Now play around and LEARN the tools ….watch carefully and check your printed instructions!
  3. Ready to start?  ENGAGE YOUR ‘MINDSET” (how to observe and draw).
  4. FINGER USE: Initially use only your finger for drawing as you should try to achieve a lovely flowing and varied charcoal line.(If you need fine detail later, enlarge the area and use the stylus ….become experimental!)
  5. OBSERVE:Start to observe the edges and angles of the objects you have set up to draw. While you are drawing the tools menu will sweep out of sight (or double tap) and you will FEEL THAT CHARCOAL LINE or EDGE flowing with your finger as it “webs” and deepens. This is the main characteristic of the ASKetchdrawing tools, and what you want to achieve. Get the BLUE CIRCLE working for you! Twist the BLUE CIRCLE with thumb and finger to get a good “webby” line. I like the circle to be about one centimeter wide.
  6. A GOOD START If you make a good start with your drawing you are far more likely to make good finished artwork. Try not to “flick” and “poke” at the screen! Take your time to “feel” the flow of the edge of the objects and use “undo” to get the best lines you can form to represent the beautiful interlaced shapes of the objects as they sit together on the table!
  7. PRACTICE IS VITAL even for five minutes a day (but you are sure to get hooked!!) Keep several artworks going at the same time. Learn the different tools, especially when adjusting (twisting) the blue circle to get the gentle and delicate web effect, which will give tone and depth to your artwork.
  8. OBSERVE how the still life “apple” or “bottle” begins to look 3D on a 2D canvas as you emphasise the darker tones (applying darker lines and “shading” to those parts of the object that are turned away from the light.)
  9. COMPOSE YOUR ARTWORK:  Finally place your artwork COMFORTABLY ON THE SCREEN using two fingers to position it on the canvas. Select  “Commit” when you like the placement you have selected. TIP: Fill the canvas with your artwork and possibly let it go beyond the frame of your iPad
  10. SAVE :At any time (and when complete) you can SAVE by simply going to the Gallery. To save your image to “PHOTOS” press and hold small image in Gallery. Press “EXPORT” . New Window says “Saved to Photos”  Select OK. Close ASKetch. Check image is in PHOTOS.

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