Importing your ASKetch drawing into Artrage

USING ASKETCH drawing  app and ARTRAGE painting app TOGETHER

Open ARTRAGE in your Ipad

1.    Choose white paper/canvas/texture
2.    Press “Done” (Opens ARTRAGE palette and canvas)
3.    Go to “LAYERS”** (see below (layers icon)) and press. Opens layers menu.
4.    Select “NEW LAYER” and name it ”ASketch”. (Click icon name and rename “Sketch”)
5.    Press small menu at Bottom Right of Layer menu.
6.    Select “Import image”
7.    Select “import image” again.
8.    Select your ASKETCH drawing from photos.
9.    ASKETCH drawing appears on NEW LAYER (Yellow) in ArtRage and fills your main canvas!
10. You have successfully combined two software programs together!!!
11. Now start to flesh out your drawing with tools, colours and layers.



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